Dayton Systems Specializes in Embedded Controller Product Development
In the embedded controller field, Dayton Systems has a single focus, designing innovative products that meet spec, on time, and on budget. Dayton Systems is able to move quickly from concept to production providing any combination of services required.
Our flexibility accommodates supporting in-house projects to complete turn-key solutions. This approach has proven to be very cost effective for our clients as they leverage in-house resources against what we provide. With experience in a wide variety of fields, we are able to provide unique solutions to a broad range of products. The products we have designed range from very low cost devices to complex systems with interconnected microcontrollers.
Range of Services
Our core capabilities center on the development of hardware and firmware for embedded controller products. We also develop PC based software for control, configuration, and monitoring of the products we develop. Past projects have required the design of molded parts ranging from simple enclosures to electro-mechanical devices.
Design Approach
Successful product development includes working closely with clients to understand their goals and vision. The most difficult aspects of a project are identified early and addressed so there are no road blocks later in the design cycle. The design concept is developed and reviewed quickly and regular updates are provided as the product forms. We are also well suited to analyze and redesign existing products that require new features or that are currently experiencing issues.
Contact Information
Phone 763-420-2074
PLC Support
Dayton Systems provides PLC support for A/B and GE systems with 30+ years of experience in the food and medical device industries. Custom HMI solutions have been designed to provide monitoring, control, data logging, and SPC functions.
Dayton Systems was formed in 1989 and is located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.